Multi CDN

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Ad Network

Ad Networks need the highest availability and the fastest response time for immediate banner and/or video delivery.

This is why we provide one of the fastest response time thanks to our RUM (Real User Measurements) engine which offers real time traffic routing for optimised content delivery.

We manage the service for you and you benefit of increased performances and cost reductions while you increase your revenues and focus on what matters to you: your business.


Videos (movies & ad) need high throughput and indefectible network availability for a bufferless experience.

Ban rebuffering and video failure from your websites, apps and delivery platforms.

We make your content 100% available by offering a robust, dynamic and very secured service with the highest availability including standard features such as RAW logs, token protection, bandwidth throttling, etc.

NEW: Supports VR technology.

Network coverage

Stellar CDN Global Network

Other Global CDN


  • DDoS Mitigation

    Building wider virtual networks we are able to deter major DDoS attack.

  • Token Protection

    Tokenification of your URL(s) to protect your assets (hotlinking protection).

  • TLS Encryption

    End-to-end encryption is recommanded on every request to avoid man-in-the-middle attacks.


  • Any technology supported

    HLS, MPEG-DASH, HDS, Microsoft Smooth Streaming ... Our network experts configure our service to fit your configuration needs.

  • Virtual Reality

    VR streaming supported with HD with fluid experience guaranteed.


  • Network

    Global or Premium network according to your needs.

  • Real-time Load Balancing

    To maintains the highest availability, throughput & the fastest response time.

  • DNS improvement

    DNS improvement thanks to our anycast DNS service.


  • Front End Optimization

    On the fly media compression and optimization for incredible speed gains.

  • SSL Certificates

    Custom SSL with dedicated IP, SNI Custom SSL, Shared SAN SSL or Shared SSL options.


  • Query strings

    Use query strings for purging, caching logic and generating dynamic links against Hotlinking.

  • Instant purging

    Quick purging via dashboard or with a simple API call.



Harmonizing your performances

A single CDN can not provide equal performances across time and regions.

The speed, availability of a CDN is determined by peering agreements between network and local ISPs (Internet Service Providers) as they vary from one region to another as well as network size, technology in place.

By integrating multiple CDN, we reduce this effect and improve your global and local performances.

Unified CDN behaviours for you

Every CDN is different and offers various configuration specificity.

Making them all work in harmony is a full time job. Our team of experts went through a long learning process in order to fully understand and control different CDN behaviours.


Cache optimization

Caching logic is often left aside or misunderstood this is why our team provides tailor made recommendations that will fit your specific needs resulting in fine-tuned setup and improved website/app performances.

Staying ahead of the curve

Internet and HTTP are continuously evolving, this is why we keep monitoring our network performances as well as new and upcoming technologies to make sure we are always up to date but also ready for the next step and offering the best possible service.

Our experts have a mission: bring your business to the Next Level.

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